18x9 Mudder Trucker MT678 Resolve Matte Black 6x139.7 6x5.5 ET12 Wheel Rim

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Who's the baddest Mudder Trucker on the block? You will be with new set of Mudder Trucker wheels. Mudder Trucker offers cutting edge styling and quality at a price that is second to none. Make some moves and cake the grooves!
Model: MT678 Resolve
Brand: Mudder Trucker
Size: 18X9
Bolt Pattern: 6X139.7
Offset: 12
Finish: Black
Hub Bore: 106.2
Overall Diameter: 18
Rim Width: 9
Rim Diameter: 18
UPC: 810112551563
Manufacture Part Number: MT67818906139MB12