18x8.5 Forgestar F14 Gloss Black 5x112 ET45 Wheel Rim

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Forgestar wheels have become the wheel-of-choice for racers in amateur and professional sports car series around the world. the pioneer of rotary flow form technology, forgestar wheels are designed for strength and performance, while offering custom finishes and the highest quality engineering enabling customers to choose between a range of bolt patterns, offsets, widths and diameters ensuring a perfect fit every time.
Model: F14
Brand: Forgestar
Size: 18x8.5
Bolt Pattern: 5X112
Offset: 45
Hub Bore: 66.5
Load Index: 1600
Overall Diameter: 18
Rim Width: 8.5
Rim Diameter: 18
Manufacture Part Number: F15188544P45