18x9 Black Rhino Glamis Black Wheel/Rim 8x165.1 8-165.1 8x6.5 18-9 ET-12

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The GLAMIS is a sturdy eight spoke style. The Glamis takes its name from the renowned Glamis dunes in Southern California, a local get-away for all things off-road. Much like the dunes the GLAMIS wheel exudes prowess and style. Each spoke jumps out to a healthy lip accented by heavy duty stainless steel hex bolts. The GLAMIS is available in a Solid Matte Black. Each Black Rhino wheel is engineered to carry the heavy loads often associated with Trucks and SUVs. All wheels are either hub-centric or supplied with centering rings to ensure a smooth vibration free ride.
Model: PHI 2
Size: 18x9 Glamis
Bolt Pattern: 8X165.1
Offset: -12
Hub Bore: 122.40
Weight: 32.63
Load Index: 0
Overall Diameter: 20
Rim Width: 0
Rim Diameter: 20
UPC: 894732064122
Manufacture Part Number: 1890GLA-28165M22