Nitto NT420V Tire 275/45R20 275/45-20 2754520

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NT420V® Luxury Truck & SUV Tire is the successor to NT420S®, designed as the perfect complement to your vehicle’s aesthetics. The NT420V® is available in many popular OE and plus-sizes, including LT-metric sizes for ¾ to 1-ton trucks.
Model: NT420V
Size: 275/45R20
Load Range: 110V
Load Rating: 110V
Speed Rating: 0
Maximum Inflation Pressure: 50
Ply Rating: XL
Traction Grade: A
Overall Diameter: 29.76000000
Aspect Ratio: 45
Rim Diameter: 29.76000000
Tread Depth: 0.32812500
Manufacture Part Number: 206770